The Weird and Wonderful Theremin

If you stand on the second floor of WonderLab Museum of Science, Health and Technology, you may hear a strange, eerie noise. Don’t worry, aliens aren’t invading! The wailing you can hear even over the sounds of the Xylopipes and the Heartbeat Drum is actually a musical instrument. That small yellow tower next to the... Continue Reading →


Sleepy Brain Equal Bad

I do know that I’ve personally experienced all of the other side effects. I’ve hallucinated horrifying faces staring at me during fits of insomnia, lost my temper over tiny and otherwise unimportant events, remembered events that never took place, said things that I knew I shouldn’t have, and experienced my thought processes slowing down the more tired I become.

Viruses in the Body

I spent all of last week lying in my dorm room with the lights off. While that kind of break may sound like fun, it wasn’t. Like so many over the last few months, I was sick with the flu. In fact, 100 years after the worst flu pandemic in history, the United States is... Continue Reading →

Robots: The (Not-So) Distant Future

We’ve all seen movies with highly-advanced and terrifyingly deadly artificial life. Terminator, Blade Runner, the Matrix – we all know that robots are going to take over and engage biological life forms in a war where our very existence is on the line. At the very least, they’ll take an approach more similar to the... Continue Reading →

Break Down or Study Break

While people all over the U.S. just had Thanksgiving, students may have been looking forward to it the most. The Monday before break I was in the communal bathroom in my dorm, getting ready for my 8 a.m. class when the girl I always make small talk with in the morning looked me dead in... Continue Reading →

A Feat of Engineering

This August, the week before we left for school, a few friends and I took a day trip to Warren Dunes State Park. The weather was perfect- we spent the whole day lounging on the beach, climbing the dunes, and wading in Lake Michigan. At one point during the day we decided to make a... Continue Reading →

How to Handle the Cold

Humans generally do not handle the cold that well. There are, of course, a few noteable exceptions.  The Mongols, who are -to date- the only people to have conquered Russia in the winter, complained that spring made for worse conquering weather because the muddy ground was more difficult for their horses than the winter which... Continue Reading →

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